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Global Solutions To Entry Level High Availability Solutions,

  offers a comprehensive service combining  Computers, VoIP, Internet and Mobile Communication

Servicing the industry for the last 16 years, the team brings its expertise to computer maintenance to both  businesses and individuals.

Engineers/Technicians are available 24/7 to attend to your every query. No problem is too big and no break down too small. We provide quality service at affordable prices.

Computers are an essential tool for any business. We ensure you realise the full potential of your software/hardware. It is imperative to understand your system perfectly. We provide full management/maintenance  of your systems and the installation/updating of new hardware and software.

The VoIP PBX market is booming: Lower call costs, reduction in PBX administration time and higher productivity are driving demand for VoIP equipment. Profit from this boom by selling IP PBX software, VoIP equipment, installation and support services to your customers!
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